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The Madz Schola Cantorum

          To pursue the vision of Ma’am OA Veneracion of a Philippines singing not just across all islands, but across all age groups – the Madz launched a new music development initiative. Starting 2018, and every year thereafter,  20  to 25 high school students are selected for their musical passion, potential and talent. They are granted a fully-subsidized training in singing, playing an instrument and choral music. During the time the scholars stay with the program until they graduate Grade 12, they receive a well-rounded, structured and sustained music education in an after-school extracurricular mode, thus allowing them to continue studying in their respecting regular high schools, while benefitting from the experience of simultaneously attending a high school for the arts. This initiative is administered by the Philippine Madrigal Singers under Mr. Mark Anthony Carpio, the Madz Schola Cantorum is funded by alumni of the Madz as their way of paying it forward.

          Prof. Veneracion once told Mark Carpio:  Start them young, so that we train not just good singers, but we develop good persons. This is the Madz Schola Cantorum. It is a performing arts high school and it is also a choir. But more than this. The Madz Schola Cantorum is our future  – it embodies our dream and our vision of developing well-trained and well-rounded singers.

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