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The Madz Music Studio strives to go beyond in just teaching our students on how to sing or play – it is our ultimate goal to instill in them on how to inspire others, as they work in making music together.

Apart from their individual instruction, we employ innovative and effective learning approaches using partner and ensemble learning. In this way, we can maximize their potential and develop synergy among others.


The Madz Music Studio employs music not just for building music skills, but to also develop individual character. We are guided by these principles:

  • To impress the traditions, ethics and discipline of the Philippine Madrigal Singers to the students. We believe that these values will be valuable and translatable in their daily lives.


  • Believing in who you can be is what we want to instill in our students. By holding individual, partner and ensemble recitals within the school year, we believe we can encourage in building their confidence, which is a vital ingredient for a successful performer.

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